Do you have a spare £1.1 million? Do you love Star Wars? If the answer to both these questions was a profound ‘yes’, read on…

On May 4th, (because when else would a luxurious piece of Star Wars memorabilia go on sale?) a 24karat gold replica of Darth Vader’s helmet will go on sale in Japan in celebration of Star Wars Day.

The solid gold helmet was unveiled on the 25th April, created by Japanese jeweller Tanaka Kikinzoku, and consists of 15kg (33lbs) of solid gold was commissioned to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the globally loved iconic Sci-Fi series. Solid gold reconstructions is nothing new to Kikinzoku, having previously created a lifesize solid gold replica of Argentinian forward Lionel Messi’s left foot, which sold for approximately £3.5m. Other notable creations include a £1.4m solid gold Christmas tree, sold last November in an effort to raise spirits after the “gloom” of Brexit.


lionel messi wins the golden boot

The solid gold life-sized replica of Lionel Messi’s left foot.


Accompanying the solid gold Darth Vader helmet is a number of solid gold Star Wars related coins, for which Star Wars fans can expect to pay anywhere between £980 and £8,400.


A solid gold coin celebrating Star Wars’ 40th anniversary, depicting iconic villain Darth Vader


Solid gold coins created in celebration of Star Wars’ 40th anniversary, which are expected to sell for between £890 and £8,400.


The solid gold Darth Vader helmet itself can be bought for 154 million yen (£1.1m) from upmarket jewellers Ginza Tanaka in Tokyo’s luxurious Ginza District, which celebrates its 120th anniversary this year.